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Kelsey Lewis, a singer/songwriter from DFW has been singing & performing all across TX since she was 6 yrs old. She has sung on many stages & venues from "The Palladium Ballroom" in Dallas to opening for "The Icarus Account" & "Chase Coy" at The Prophet Bar this past fall. In July of 2013, she released her debut album, produced by Richie Biggs & Mark Hill, "Beautiful View;" a 10 song album infused with Lewis' originals as well as a classic Perry Como staple. Since her release, Kelsey has been coined as "Vintage Futuristic," & has been performing & writing for future musical endeavors.


Kelsey Lewis, (born on December 31st, 1994) a singer /songwriter from Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, has been singing and performing since she was 6 years old. From “The Palladium Ballroom” in Downtown Dallas to “American Airlines Center” in front of the “X-Factor” judges to performing live for KTXD47 Station’s “The Broadcast TV,” Kelsey has performed on many stages and venues.

It was at the age of 13 when Kelsey truly discovered her love and passion for songwriting. She has since then written a volume of different songs ranging from love, life, and the lessons learned along the way.

In December of 2012, she left for Nashville to pursue her debut album with 2V Productions. Producers Richie Biggs(recording engineer for The Civil Wars, Amy Grant, George Strait, etc.) and Mark Hill(bassist for Reba McEntire and previous band manager for Keith Urban) came together with Kelsey to create “Beautiful View,” a 10 song album with 8 originals from Lewis, a song co-written with Mark Hill and then a 1950’s cover of the classic Perry Como hit, “Catch a Falling Star.” Beautiful View is said to be an album “that has to be savored in its entirety, because it is meant to delight and fill the listener with felicity, through lyrical storytelling by the singer.”

Since putting out her album, she has been coined with the title of “Vintage Futuristic,” when describing her unique style and sound. She loves the art of taking the new and infusing it with the old. Inspired by artists such as The Civil Wars, Joy Williams, Adele, Sara Bareilles, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, Kimbra, Taylor Swift, Norah Jones, Regina Spektor, Etta James, and Patsy Cline, just to name a few, the range of personality and character in each song can most definitely be traced back to some of the artists listed above.

She is currently out performing and finding inspiration for future albums/projects to come. “I just really hope that in some way or form that through my stories they will be able to connect with yours . That’s the beauty about music….it’s a language of it’s own.”

  • I've missed my combat boots!! ❤️
  • "...but I can't do it without your help." Thank you guys always for caring so deeply, encouraging me constantly, and for always supporting my heart and dreams throughout every musical endeavor I long to chase! I truly can't do it without you guys! Thank you! ❤️#americanidol15 #herewecome #whynotjustgoforit #finalseason
  • Feeling like dis dog right now! Nighty night!!! 😊😘🐶❤️ @marniethedog #marniethedog #ilovemarniethedog #pajamatime #nightynight
  • Let us keep Chattanooga in our prayers through such difficult times as these. My heart is broken over by all the constant violence!!! Praying for comfort, strength, and healing for the families who have been directly affected by this tragedy as well as for protection for all of our brave men and women in service going forth. ❤️🙏🏻 #prayforchattanooga #comfort #strength #healing #protection
  • Drive-in fun!! 😍 #firsttimeatthedrivein #driveinmovie #coyotedrivein #summer2015 #minions #insideout
  • This makes my heart so sad to hear! Barbara Park created some of the most honest, endearing, sparkling pieces of literature I've ever read while growing up! Truly, the way she was able to transport her mind into the mind of a 6-year olds so perfectly still astounds me to this day. In my elementary years, I'd look up from reading one of Barbara's books, (I was constantly reading them!!!) and all the time I would tell my mom, "Ya know, I could totally see me and Junie B being the best of friends! I totally get her and she totally gets me! Look! This is even something I would say!! It's like the author can read my mind!!" It was weird. I truly thought she could read my mind. And I know I am not the only kid who felt the very same way! Barbara Park was a special gem to the world of literature and my heart will miss her witty, sassy words on life, love, and embracing your inner 6-year old. R.I.P Barbara Park. ❤️ #ripbarbarapark #juniebjones #juniebjonesbooks #bstandsforbeatrice #juniebforever
  • Photo credit to the wonderful @lovinlifelove!!! Thank you so much @redefinedcoffeehouse for having me out last night to your lovely, artsy safe haven!! I felt so at home in your coffee shop and I so many others feel the very same way!! Thankful for nights like these!!! #music #coffee #art #people #redefinedcoffeehouse #livecreatively #singfreely #lovedeeply #thankyoutoallwhocame #lovelyhumanbeings #richtimes ❤️🎶🎤🎨
  • Good afternoon you lovely human beings, you! If you are a fan of yummy coffee, vibey atmospheres, and a mix of originals & cover songs, then I'd love to invite you all out to @redefined coffeehouse this evening!! Show starts at 7:00pm!! Would love to see you all there!! ❤☕️🎶🎤️ #redefinedcoffeehouse #livemusic #coffeetime #coffee #lovelyhumanbeings #comeonout #vibey #vibes
  • Tiny Umbrellas • Bahama Bucks ❤🌂🌺️😎😊#summer #summer2015 #greatestsnowonearth #bahamabucks #tinyumbrellas
  • Live creatively, Sing freely, Love deeply. And always with Thanksgiving. ❤️ #sundancesquarefortworth #livesinglove #creatively #freely #deeply #withthanksgiving
  • Dr. Pepper + espresso = #mindblown 😱😋❤️ #savorcoffeebarandeatery #savorcoffeebar #tentwofour #crazyhairdontcare #summer2015
  • 💜 Duende 💜 #duende
  • Oh how truly beautiful is this country we get to live in where love runs deep, dreams run wild, and freedom runs free! Thank you to our brave men and women for fighting for this freedom, for this country, for it's people! We are forever grateful for your love, devotion, and sacrifice! Freedom is not free, but runs free because of the courageous fighters of our nation! Happy 4th everyone! LET FREEDOM RING!! ❤️🇺🇸 #happy4th #4thofjuly2015 #letfreedomring #thankyoutroopsandvets #forevergrateful #americathebeautiful #onenationundergod #deeplove #divinelove #Christlove #forwehavebeensetfree #love #dream #free
  • Lol. "I'm like a bird, I want to fly away." 🐦🐤🐧❤️
  • About to go on at Sundance Square!! Weeeee!!!! 😃😊🎶🎤💃🍴☕️☀️ #sundancesquare #sundancesquarefortworth #localartistshowcase #comeonout #fullbandfun
  • So thrilled to get to be apart of Sundance Square's "Local Artist Showcase" series tomorrow from 11:30-1:00pm!! If you're in the area, come on by for lunch!! Going to be a great time with the full band! Would love to see you all there!! 😃😉🎶🎤🎹🎸🎵☀️💃🍴☕️❤️ #sundancesquare #sundancesquareplaza #sundancesquarefortworth #localartistshowcase #fortworthzoo #comeonout #fullbandfun
  • Getting ready for some Frozen fun! 😉 #lovemyjob #frozen #frozenparty
  • So many precious memories were created while in Nashville these past two weeks. I got to experience a lot of firsts; experienced my first CMA week in Downtown Nashville, my first award show, my first firefly catch, my first deer encounter, my first sparkler experience, my first bite of Greek food, my first fishing success,...stars and planets drenching the night sky, karaoke parties, yummy "meat N threes," wind-in-hair jeep drives, late night laughs by the pool, new lyrics and melodies, card games galore, sweet kitty cats named Lucy, local artists sharing their he[art]s with a guitar...and I got the joy of getting to live in it all with these two wonderful kiddos and their precious producer's family! Thank you guys so much for having me and for being my "home away from home." Will never forget these two special weeks!! Love ya'll! ❤️ #makingmemories #whatdidyoudowhileinNashville #onaNashvillehigh #polaroids #capturethemoments #summer2015 #thesweetHillfamily
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